Admission Schedule

  • Admission Period for 23A.2
    Dec. 1,2019 - Jan. 27,2020
    Examination Feb 2, 2020
    Exam Result Feb. 11, 2020
    Interview Feb. 12-16, 2020
    Admission Result Feb. 27, 2020
    Precourse Begins Mar. 6,2020
    Term Begin May 15, 2020
  • 2020 Intake Ph.D.
    Oct. 1, 2019 - May 25, 2020
    Examination Round 1: Dec. 1, 2019
    Round 2: May 31, 2020
    Interview Round 1: Jan 11-12, 2020
    Round 2: July 4-5, 2020
    Admission Result Round 1: Jan 16, 2020
    Round 2: July 16, 2020
    Term Begin Sep. 11, 2020

Apply for Master Degree

Apply for Ph.D. Program

Apply for C.A.G.S Program

Apply for Scholarship

Step 1
Before You Apply

Admission Requirements

International ProgramThai Program
Graduated Bachelor DegreeYesYes
English Proficiency
*English Examination Score gained
within the last 2 years
Take CMMU English Examination or
Submit TOEFL ITP 520* or
Submit IELTS 5.0*
Take CMMU English Examination or
Submit TOEFL ITP 480* or
Submit IELTS 4.5*
Management Aptitude (CMMU-TAP)
**GMAT Score gained within the last 5 years
Take CMMU-TAP or
GMAT 500**
Take CMMU-TAP or
GMAT 500**
Prior Work ExperienceValued in all programs,
but not required
Valued in all programs,
required 1 year for
Marketing Program


What is Statement of Purpose (SOP)?
  • The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.
  • You are required to submit an essay describing how studying in your chosen specialization will help you achieve those goals? The essay should not be more than 1 Page of A4
The TOEFL ITP® tests are paper-based and use 100 percent academic content to evaluate the English-language proficiency of nonnative English speakers.

Required Documents

  1. Formal Picture
  2. Copy of valid ID Card or Passport
  3. Copy of Official Transcript
  4. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Note: All documents need to be converted to PDF format. Formal picture image should be JPG file that is less than 1 MB in size.
The CMMU Analytical Test (CMMU TAP) is a Multiple Choice Test for both Thai and International Programs. This test requires a candidate’s analytical ability like the GMAT.

Admission Fee

The Admission Fee is 2,500 Baht (Non-Refundable). This fee include TOEFL ITP and CMMU-TAP examination.

Step 2
Making Your Application

CMMU conducts the online application for prospective students. The online application process is convenient and easy for prospective students to manage their own profile.

Admission Procedures

Payment Methods

We offer 2 payment methods, which are as follows:
  1. Pay by Credit Card
    Click on VISA Icon on your application summary page to pay application fee.
  2. Pay at Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
    Click on Printer Icon, print the payment slip and make a payment at any branch of the Siam Commercial Bank.

Application Guideline

Start your application by creating an account. Fill in all required information. Attached your required documents. Then select program and major that you want to apply. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification that your application was submitted.


Step 3
After You Apply

An application number will be assigned to you once you had successfully submitted and paid for your application. At the same time, an acknowledgement email will also be sent to the email address you have indicated on the online application.

Step 4
After Acceptance

You can see related information at "Current Student Website". Keep in touch with your friends on

Connect with Educators

Educators can help if you need information, advice and guidance, or support regarding general non-academic enquiries. Educators are trained to deal with a wide range of enquiries and are a key source of information on many university services.

Pre-Course Assignment

Click below for more details on Pre-course
  1. Pre-Course Account
  2. Math for Finance
  3. Statistic
  4. Managerial Skills Development (MSD)

Admission Enquiries

For assistance with CMMU admission please contact
662 206 2000 ext. 3104
662 206 2090
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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