CMMU Scholarship

For each academic year, CMMU is pleased to offer five scholarships for Thai or International Master of Management to qualified applicants. Scholarship applicants should know in advance that CMMU’s scholarships are both full scholarships and partial scholarship.
CMMU offers 2 type of scholarship that are:
1. Full academic scholarship
For those who demonstrate high academic potential for achievement in their Master degree program. Full academic scholarships are intended for applicants who graduated with GPA. 3.5 or above from their prior undergraduate program.

2. Partial Scholarship
If you are unable to pay the full tuition fee there might be a chance that you can be granted a partial scholarship that will cover some of the tuition fee for your preferred study programme at CMMU. Partial scholarships are intended for applicants who graduated with GPA. 3.25 or above from their prior undergraduate program.

As both scholarships are limited you cannot be sure to be a recipient of such, and scholarships will always be granted on a case by case basis. In order to be eligible for a scholarship you will be asked to submit documentation for your specific needs for a scholarship. Academic Scholarships will be assessed on the basis of prior GPA, English and Math Entrance Exam scores, Personal Statement, Personal Interview, and Academic References.

Requirement for Scholarship Applicants
  1. Graduate Bachelor Degree with GPA. 3.5 for Full academic Scholarship or GPA. 3.25 for Partial Scholarship.
  2. Submit English Proficiency document (IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550) gained within the last 2 years
  3. Take CMMU English Examination. (550 TOEFL ITP both Thai and International program).
  4. Pass CMMU Admission interview process.
Scholarship applicants must be admitted to the Master of Management program of their choice first as regular students before scholarship decisions are made. Please submit your completed Scholarship Application form along with your application. Scholarship Applications must be received by the end of the relevant application deadline.

For scholarship application, please submit the following documents:
  • Filled scholarship form (in English): Please download the scholarship application form from the link above
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (Academic References) from applicants' former instructors in English to support the Scholarship Application.
  • A typed personal statement in English (maximum of 1 page single spaced) explaining why you believe you deserve a scholarship
  • Copies of your ID Card /or Passport and University Transcript
Note Full Scholarship students are required to write a thesis in English and at least present the thesis at a national conference or international conference before graduation and to maintain the GPA above 3.50 every trimester. Partial Scholarship students are required to maintain the GPA above 3.25 every trimester.

Admission Enquiries

For assistance with CMMU admission please contact
662 206 2000 ext. 3104
662 206 2090
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